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Short Term Consultations

The purpose of the Short Term Consultation (STC) is to encourage and support collaborations involving two or more individuals at different Consortium campuses. Projects might involve sharing information, instrumentation and facilities or expertise among the faculty members of the Consortium. The STC grants fund faculty and students in a particular area to visit a member campus for many reasons including consultation on curriculum, collaboration on research projects, participation as an outside examiner in a senior thesis exam, demonstration of a laboratory technique suitable for an undergraduate laboratory or advising faculty or departments on proposal writing or project assessment. The STC also allows faculty to visit another Consortium institution with highly sophisticated research equipment to have a sample tested, learn a new technique, or visit a field station or library.

The STC program will fund an average of three visits per year per institution, including travel, hotel and meal expenses for no more than three days. Awards for $1,500 or less will be approved by the Director and communicate the results to the applicant within one week of receiving the application. The Executive Board will review proposals for $1,500 to $7,000. These awards can be used as seed money or matching funds for other proposals. Contact the Director about writing a letter of support describing these funds that you can attach to the proposal.

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