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2012 Workshop for Early-Career Faculty, Graduate Students and Postdocs

Event date: Fri Jul 13th 2012 - Sun Jul 15th 2012
Strategic Planning for Early Career Success
Event Date: Fri Jul 13th 2012 - Sun Jul 15th 2012
Registration Deadline: Tue Jun 12th 2012 Registration Closed

This summer's New Faculty Workshop will be held at Hope College on the weekend of July 13-15th.  Hope’s campus is located in beautiful downtown Holland, MI near the shore of Lake Michigan.

Online registration will continue through June 12. Graduate students and postdocs interested in teaching at liberal arts colleges, newly hired tenure-track or term appointment faculty, and faculty just completing their first or second years are encouraged to participate.

Description: One of the goals for the weekend is to help each participant generate a strategic plan for the next 2-3 years of their career. This will allow each participant to focus on the goals, strategies and actions that will help them succeed in their professional lives and thrive in their personal lives too. One of the other goals is to provide time for conversation between early career scientists as a mechanism for networking, sharing successes and challenges and encouraging one another. To make this happen, the weekend will be a mixture of time alone for reflection and strategic planning, time in small groups for giving each other feedback on your evolving plans, and time for discussions and presentations with the full group about teaching, pedagogies, establishing a research group, writing proposals for external funding and more.

Quotes from past participants:

"The part of the workshop that benefited me the most was being able to interact with the young faculty members. Since the workshop, I have visited and gave talks at Colorado College and at Lawrence University. Both of these talks came through interactions with other young professors, and have given me a much better idea of what PUIs are interested in for a job candidate. The other best part of the weekend was the section on alternatives to lecturing (i.e. clickers, primary literature, 'fast' papers, etc.). "  - 2011 participant (who was a senior graduate student)

"I hung my strategic action plan in my bedroom, opposite the foot of my bed. I saw it every morning and evening, and it did keep me in line - I got 80% of it done [in the month or so I had before September]."  - 2011 participant who was beginning a new tenure track position

"I have used my strategic action plan to keep track of good strategies/actions that come out of casual conversations, conferences, meetings, etc.  I find it a challenge to think long-term (I am more comfortable in the 'weeds'), so this was an extremely beneficial exercise for me.  One thing I've learned is that my time estimates for how long things should take still need to be adapted from an R1 to a PUI environment.  Even if I *think* I am doubling the time I expect something will take, I am finding that I need to think about doubling this again...and then, perhaps, yet again.  I am learning to temper my timeline expectations, but it is an ongoing process!" - 2011 participant who was beginning her second year as a tenure track faculty member

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