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2015 Janet Andersen Award

nominations due by April 10 - deadline extended!

We are now accepting nominations for the 2015 Janet Andersen Lecture Award. We encourage nominations of faculty members who

  • have vigorous research programs involving undergraduates
  • are exceptional mentors for undergraduate research students
  • are engaged and skilled teachers, and/or
  • create interdisciplinary research opportunities for undergraduate students.

Faculty of any rank at Consortium member institutions are eligible for this award. The strongest candidates are well respected by their colleagues and appreciated by students for their excellence in more than one of the above criteria. Nominations can come from faculty, students, staff, and/or administrators at Consortium member institutions. Please send a letter of nomination along with the nominee's current CV to Midstates Consortium Director Brandy Russell via e-mail ( If multiple people wish to write letters in support of a particular nominee, the committee will consider all letters submitted. The nomination deadline is Friday, April 10th, 2015.

Nomination letters should address the way(s) in which the candidate meets some or all of the above criteria. Please note the impact the nominee has had on undergraduate research and curriculum in their home department, as well as any broader impact (in other departments, on other campuses). All nominees are considered based on their success in the context of their home institution; this award is for faculty members who have done excellent work with the resources available to them. Since the Janet Andersen Award winners will give keynote lectures at the Undergraduate Research Symposia in the fall, some consideration is given to the candidates' ability to give a compelling seminar on their research to a multidisciplinary undergraduate student audience.

We have multiple strong candidates for this award each year, and we welcome resubmissions of nominations. Please at least update the letter and CV to reflect changes since the last submission, but do not feel you must submit an entirely original nomination each time.

Winners are selected by the Midstates Consortium Executive Committee, who are representatives from each of our member institutions. The decision will be made at the Executive Committee’s annual meeting in April or early May and all those submitting nominations will be notified of the outcome shortly after that meeting.

This award was established in 2008 to honor the memory of Janet Andersen, a beloved faculty member at Hope College and Director of the Midstates Consortium for five years before her life ended in a tragic automobile accident in 2005. We remember Janet's dedication and commitment to her work by choosing one or two faculty members from the Consortium member institutions each year for this award. The winner(s) present the Janet Andersen Lecture at one or both of the fall Undergraduate Research Symposia on a topic of his or her expertise. The award recipient(s) will also receive a $300 honorarium.

See for more information about Janet Andersen and previous award winners.