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MCMS Annual Board Meeting - May 19th

The consortium representatives for the twelve campuses met in Chicago on Saturday May 19th for the annual board meeting. The meeting's agenda is posted here and you are welcome to discuss any of the agenda items or the minutes from the meeting with your campus reresentative.


Agenda for the Executive Board Meeting - May 19th 2007

1. Introductions of new board members

2. Approval of activities from summer 2006 through spring 2007
A. Report from New Faculty Workshop, Hope College, July 14-16
B. Reports from the Undergraduate Research Symposia
o Biological Sciences and Psychology, University of Chicago, Nov 3-5
o Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Wash U, Nov 3-5
C. Report from the Interdisciplinary Science Education: Faculty Development Workshop, Feb 23-25
D. Speaker Series and Short Term Consultations Summaries and Reports
E. e-newsletter Consortium Connections : feedback and suggestions encouraged

3. Upcoming activities for summer 2007
A. 2007 New Faculty Workshop: July 13-15, Bjørklunden Campus (Lawrence), Door County, WI
Facilitator: Jeanne Narum, ICO and PKAL, Washington DC
Registration is open until Friday Jun 29th, available spots for participants ~36-40 (max)

4. Director's Reports
A. Visits to Consortium Campuses
Fall 2006: U of Chicago and Wash U for URS
Winter 2007: Lawrence, Luther, Grinnell, Knox, Carthage, Macalester and St. Olaf
Spring 2007: Colorado College
Summer/Fall 2007: Beloit College, Wash U, U of Chicago
B. Recruiting new member schools
o Ripon College, Ripon, WI, January 19, 2007
o Carleton College, Northfield, MN, February 27, 2007
o Augustana College, Rock Island, IL, March 26, 2007

5. Program ideas for 07-08 and beyond
A. Consortium Scholars: Multi-campus faculty/student collaborative research projects
B. Speaker-consultant exchange
C. Partnering with existing programs for regionally-based cluster meetings
D. Other ideas
E. Janet Anderson Award or Janet Anderson Lecture Series

6. Ideas and tentative dates for upcoming Faculty Development Workshops
2007- 2008
o Setting new goals - midcareer faculty development
o Psychology and Neuroscience
o Science and Math Learning Centers *cosponsored by the Associated Colleges of the Midwest
o Our Green Campuses: Environmentally responsible projects, a meeting for students, staff, faculty and administrators - (just after spring break?) April 2008

Summer 2008
o Chemistry Departments: Implementation of the ACS Undergraduate Professional Education Guidelines - Summer 2008, proposed by and hosted at Colorado College
o New Faculty Workshop - July 08

o Biostatistics
o Science and Art

7. Consortium Administration
A. Website redesign (March, 2007)
B. Consortium name change - Midstates Consortium for Mathematics and Science (MCMS)
Funding Acknowledgement: Established by the Pew Charitable Trusts
Brief Mission Statement: Connecting campuses to promote excellence in math and science

8. Approval of 07-08 budget proposal

9. Other Business and Announcements