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Midstates Consortium Executive Board Meeting

Agenda for the Executive Committee Meeting

Saturday, April 26, 2008 , 8:30am - noon

Chicago O'Hare Marriott

1. Introductions of all of the campus representatives

2. Review and approval of activities from summer 2007 through spring 2008

A. Report from New Faculty Workshop, Bjorklunden Lodge, Lawrence University, July 13-15

Facilitators: Jeanne Narum and Karen Nordell Pearson

B. Reports from the Undergraduate Research Symposia

o Biological Sciences and Psychology, Washington University, Nov 2-4

Hosts: John Russell, Jennifer Lawler Brown

o Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, University of Chicago, Nov 9-11

Hosts: John Frederick, Sheila Naughten

C. Report from the MidCareer Faculty Development Workshop, Maclester College, Feb.22-24

Host: Paul Fischer, Macalester

Facilitators: Jeanne Narum and Karen Nordell Pearson

D. Report from the Strategic Planning for Career Success Workshop, University of Chicago, April 4-5

Host: Isaac Skromne, Postdoctoral Association

Facilitator: Karen Nordell Pearson

E. Preliminary Report from the Sharing best practices for serving students and faculty at science and math

teaching and learning centers workshop, Colorado College, April 18-20

Hosts: Mark Morgenstern, Minna Mahlab, Julie Haurykiewicz

F. Speaker Series, Speaker Consultant Exchange and Short Term Consultations Summaries and Reports

Action Item: Approve the reports and preliminary budget summary from 2007-08

3. Upcoming activities for summer 2007

A. The impact of changes in the ACS guidelines, Colorado College, June 25-27

Hosts: Chemistry faculty Neena Grover, Murphy Brasuel and Harold Jones

B. 2008 New Faculty Workshop, July 11-13, Holland, MI, Hope College and Marigold Lodge

Facilitator: Jeanne Narum and Karen Nordell Pearson

4. Director's Reports

A. Visits to Consortium Campuses

Summer 2007: Beloit College

Fall 2007: Washington University

B. Recruiting new member schools

Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN, February 26, 2008

C. Speaker-consultant exchange

D. Partnering with existing programs for regionally-based cluster meetings

a. MidBrains Meeting, Macalester College, May 3, 2008

b. Teaching Weather and Climate, University of Chicago, June18-20, 2008

c. Bridging Teaching and Research Workshop, Washington University, June18-21, 2008

d. Sally Elgin, The Genomics Education Partnership, Washington University, Summer workshop,

June 8-13, 2008

e. NEON/GLCA Environmental Research working group: Laurie Anderson, Ohio Wesleyan

5. Ideas and tentative dates for upcoming Faculty Development Workshops

2008- 2009

  • Our Green Campuses: Environmental responsibility across campuses, a meeting for students,

staff, faculty and administrators - October '08, February '09 or early April ‘09

Possibly hosted at Beloit or St. Olaf - New LEED Certified Science Buildings

  • Science and Art
  • NEON Environmental Research Projects Planning Meeting

Summer 2009

New Faculty Workshop - July 17-19, at Lawrence's Björklunden Lodge in Door County, WI

6. Selection of the 2008 Janet Anderson Lecture Award Recipient

7. Other New Ideas for programming

o online database of specialized instrumentation available for faculty/student research projects

o use the e-newsletter to ‘advertise' those seeking collaborations, expertise or instrumentation

8. Consortium Administration

9. Discussion and approval of the 2008-2009 budget

10. Other Business and Announcements