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Sharing Best Practices for Serving Students & Faculty at Science & Math Teaching & Learning Centers

Hosted at Colorado College, April 18-20, 2008

This meeting for faculty and directors of Centers for Science and Math Teaching and Learning will be an opportunity to discuss common issues on our campuses and share best practices, including both 'big-picture' and 'nuts-and-bolts' issues. Topics for the workshop will include hiring, training and evaluating student tutors, publicity for the services offered to students and faculty, the use of technology in your centers, and helping students with learning disorders such as text anxiety and math phobia.

Institutional Meeting Hosts

Mark Morgenstern, PhD, Director of the Quantitative Reasoning Center at Colorado College

Minna Mahlab, Director of the Science Learning Center at Grinnell College

Julie Haurykiewicz, Director for the Center for Teaching and Learning at Lawrence University

This workshop will be very hands-on and discussion rich. The topics for the weekend meeting will likely include:
- practical 'what works' ideas for hiring, training and evaluating student tutors
- communicating with faculty about the services you provide to them and to their students
- publicity for the services you offer to students
- responsiveness to requests from students and faculty about offering new programs or services
- the use of technology in your centers
- faculty and institutional support for the programs you offer i.e. staff, space, $, visibility
- assessing the impact of T&L centers on student performance in math and science
- helping students with learning disorders such as test anxiety, math phobia, or others

Guest Speaker: Irene M. Duranczyk , Assistant Professor, Postsecondary Teaching and Learning, College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota will be presenting a seminar on Math and Science Anxiety on Sunday morning of the workshop, followed by a group discussion.

Expected Outcomes of Workshop:

  • an increased network of connections to those in similar positions at Consortium campuses
  • additional resources for recruiting, training and evaluating student tutors. We're considering creating a CD or a booklet of various forms, guidelines and other resources that colleagues are willing to share with the group.
  • a richer understanding of the challenges of learning disorders and ways to help students overcome some of the common test and math anxieties.
  • information about space, resources, staffing and other institutional support from other colleges in the Consortium.

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