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Summer Research Program for Undergraduate Students; Amgen Scholars Program

THE AMGEN SCHOLARS PROGRAM APPLICATION DEADLINE IS 12:00 MIDNIGHT FEBRUARY 1, 2011. The 2011 program will convene May 31, 2011 and continue through August 5, 2011.

Washington University in St. Louis has received a four-year, $1 million grant from the Amgen Foundation to provide hands-on biomedical laboratory experience to undergraduates through the Amgen Scholars Program. The university will support about 25 students in this program each summer.
The Amgen Scholars Program at Washington University in St. Louis is a 10-week intensive summer laboratory experience in biomedical research for undergraduate students at one of the nation’s leading research institutions. This opportunity is a part of a 10 school consortium, made possible by the generous support of the Amgen Foundation. Scholars will work with world renowned faculty to develop an intriguing research project. Mentoring will also be provided by current graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the lab. This mentorship team will provide a great environment for Scholars to become acquainted with the culture of training for and implementation of biomedical research.
Scholars will engage in a multitude of activities designed to build confidence and gain experience as a research scientist. In addition to independent research, Scholars will participate in lab meetings; attend scientific seminars and workshops offered throughout the summer by faculty and students. This will allow the Scholars to interact with those in DBBS and the university community. The workshops are on various topics such as scientific writing and presentation skills, preparing for the GRE or MCAT, team building, and career development. The Scholars will write a paper and present a scientific poster at the end of the summer. Scholars receive advice to prepare them to apply to top-tier graduate and professional schools and an understanding of the excitement and path for a career in creating new knowledge.
The Scholars Program will be administered by the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences (DBBS) which is also responsible for the administration of Ph.D. and M.D./Ph.D. programs in the biological sciences. DBBS will provide activities to integrate Amgen Scholars socially and intellectually with fellow Amgen scholars and participants in peer summer programs. Scholars will have an opportunity to explore St. Louis and participate in social activities such as float trips, cook-outs and Cardinals baseball.
Prior research experience is not necessary for a successful application. Rather, we will focus on the applicant’s demonstrated aptitude in math and science, letters of recommendation and interest in Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. training in preparation for a career in biomedical research.
Applicants must meet the following criteria:
U.S. Citizens or U.S. Permanent Residents
Undergraduates enrolled in a four-year college or university in the U.S., Puerto Rico or other U.S. Territory at time of application and participation in the program.
Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2
Sophomores with (4 quarters or 3 semesters of college experience), Juniors, and Non-Graduating Seniors (who are returning in the fall to continue their undergraduate studies)
Have an interest in pursuing a Ph.D. or M.D. /Ph.D.
THE AMGEN SCHOLARS PROGRAM APPLICATION DEADLINE IS 12:00 MIDNIGHT FEBRUARY 1, 2011. The 2011 program will convene May 31, 2011 and continue through August 5, 2011. The application may be found at
Successful applicants will receive a generous stipend with housing provided, as well as travel to and from St. Louis and travel to the Amgen Scholars Symposium. A free public transportation pass for travel within the St. Louis Metro area is also provided.
The Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences is pleased to offer two additional opportunities for undergraduates to experience the outstanding cutting edge research at Washington University and the wonderful city of St. Louis and its surrounding areas. All of the programs offered are designed to prepare undergraduates for the admission to and rigor of top quality Ph.D. and M.D. /Ph.D. programs. The programs convene late May through the first week in August and provide a generous stipend, free housing and free travel to and from St. Louis. Information on BioMedRAP and CD-BioRAP may be found at .
For more information regarding the programs please contact the Director of Summer Research, Ms. Rochelle Smith (314-362-7963) or email: