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The Impact of Changes in ACS Guidelines

Hosted at Colorado College, June 27-29, 2008 by Dr. Neena Grover, Dr. Harold Jones, & Dr. Murphy Brasuel

The department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Colorado College will be hosting a two-day conference on the impact of recent changes in the American Chemical Society guidelines on the chemistry curricula on our campuses. We invited teams of two or more faculty from each campuses chemistry department to attend this meeting. Discusisons will involve the changes in courses and conceptions of the chemistry major at various liberal arts colleges and universities that are a part of the MCMS. Ron Estler and Jeanne Pemberton, both members of the ACS-CPT committee will be attending to help interpret and facilitate discussions about the new guidelines. The meeting will involve review of current requirements for students graduating in Chemistry and how these will change under the new rubric that will be published in the Spring 2008.

Meeting Schedule: The meeting will begin at 2pm on Friday and conclude at noon on Sunday.  Please make your travel plans accordingly. If arriving by 2pm on presents a problem with booking your flights, please contact Neena Grover ( or Marlene Field (

 A more detailed schedule will be posted when available.