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Janet Andersen Lecture AwardJanet Anderson - Hope College Math Professor

Established by the Midstates Consortium for Math and Science in 2008

Professor Janet Andersen was a beloved faculty member in the Hope College Mathematics Department and served enthusiastically as the Midstates Consortium Director for five years before her life ended tragically in an automobile accident in November 2005. As a teacher and scholar, Janet was devoted to providing creative, high-quality learning experiences for her students, and she herself was always learning as she was teaching. As Consortium Director, she looked for ways to connect with and support natural science faculty, both new and experienced.

To honor Janet Andersen's dedication and commitment to her work with students and faculty in her teaching, research and service to the Consortium, the Janet Andersen Lecture Award was established in 2008. The Midstates Consortium will choose one or two faculty members from one or two of the Consortium member institutions each year to present the Janet Andersen Lecture at one or both of the fall Undergraduate Research Symposia on a topic of his or her expertise. The award recipient(s) will also receive a $300 honorarium.

The Midstates Consortium invites faculty, students, staff and administrators to nominate faculty members in the Consortium for the Janet Andersen Lecture award. We encourage nominations for faculty members of any rank who have vigorous research programs involving undergraduates, who are exceptional mentors for undergraduate research students, who are engaged and skilled teachers, or who create interdisciplinary research opportunities for undergraduate students.

The Consortium accepts nominations for this award each spring. The nomination deadline for the 2019-20 award is March 31, 2021.  Please submit nomination letters as a pdf on College letterhead and include a current CV for the nominee.  The award recipients are selected by the Executive Committee at their spring meeting (usually held in April or May).

Send nomination material or any questions to Dr. Edward Hansen, Midstates Consortium Director, Please note that nominations will be considered for 3 successive years without the need for resubmission.

2019 Janet Andersen Lecture Award Recipient


Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science

Dietz JA 2019

Dr. Jill Dietz, Grace A. Whittier Endowed Chair in Science

Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN


The nomination letter for Dr. Dietz describes how her active support for undergraduate research (UGR) over the past 23 years has been key in transforming a nascent UGR program into a top priority for the Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science department at St. Olaf.  By expanding her personal research interests to include topics that are accessible at the undergraduate level she is a role model and a catalyst for a culture of research among both faculty and students.  The nearly 100 undergraduates mentored by Dr. Dietz are evidence of her impact in this area.  Through her development of the Directed Undergraduate Research (DUR) course, mathematics research has become more than a summer or academic year project. The DUR course is now a regular offering in many other disciplines, with academic credit for students and teaching credit for faculty.  Dr. Dietz is acknowledged by students to be among the most popular and effective teachers in a department of creative and dedicated educators. Younger faculty benefit from her insights regarding teaching, research and the general challenges of balancing an academic career with life beyond the campus environment. When not on campus, Dr. Dietz loves to be in nature, especially camping and hiking in the mountains, or boating and swimming at “the cabin” up in central Minnesota. Dr. Dietz will be recognized for her contributions to undergraduate research and education by presenting the Janet Andersen Lecture at the 2019 Midstates Consortium Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Physical Sciences, Math and Computer Science.


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