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2020 Janet Anderson Award Recipients


Biological Sciences and Psychology

Leah Chase

Dr. Leah Chase

Professor of Biology and Chemistry

Hope College, Holland Michigan


The nomination letter for Dr. Chase describes her vigorous program of interdisciplinary research involving undergraduates, and her engaging and skillful approach to teaching a wide range courses in chemistry, biology and neuroscience.  She has advised 114 research students.  Seventy six percent of her research students have pursued post-graduate education.  She uses a wide variety of pedagogical approaches in her teaching which highlight fundamental concepts, essential lab skills, an appreciation of scientific literature and development of writing abilities.  The anecdotes found in teaching evaluations show that her students have great affection and respect for her as a teacher.  Beyond her research and teaching accomplishments, she is recognized as the guiding force behind the establishment of the interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program at Hope College. In addition to being the founding faculty member of the program, she served as the Neuroscience Program Director for 11 years.  She is also noted for extraordinary service activities that support students at the departmental, divisional, and college levels.  Among these is the development of K-12 outreach programs to promote interest in neuroscience and to encourage young students to study science and mathematics.


Physical Sciences, Math, and Computer Sciences

James Doyle

Dr. James Doyle

Professor of Physics

Macalester College, Saint Paul Minnesota


The nomination letter describes Dr. James Doyle’s broad interdisciplinary interests in research and education and the large impact this has had in both undergraduate research and curriculum at Macalester College.  Dr. Doyle’s primary research focus is in materials and plasma physics, and he has published papers with faculty and undergraduate student collaborators in chemistry, geology and environmental studies.  He has mentored over 50 students, 16 of whom appear as coauthors on scientific papers.  Recently he has shifted his research efforts into sustainable energy and electrical grid modelling and within a few years of entering the field has already published in some of its more prestigious journals.  He has been a successful teacher in a wide range of courses, large and small, introductory and advanced, for science majors and non-science majors.  He is the only physics professor at Macalester to teach every one of the eight core curriculum courses required for the physics major.  In addition he has taught topics courses in Renewable Energy, Digital Electronics, Biophysics, Semiconductor Device Physics, Chemical Physics, and other areas, including courses cross-listed in the Environmental Studies, Computer Science, and Chemistry programs.