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Sean Crosson

University of Chicago
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; The Committee on Microbiology
773 834-1926
An Integrative Analysis of Microbial Signaling Networks
Cells have the remarkable ability to modulate their physiology in response to changes in their environment. This plasticity is particularly evident in microbial species, many of which adapt to grow across an extremely diverse range of conditions. Our interests center on how chemical and physical signals are received, processed, and integrated by a bacterial cell to generate an appropriate biological response. To address these questions, we are using an interdisciplinary set of tools including NMR and crystallography to explore the structural basis of signal detection and transduction by sensor histidine kinases, genetics and array-based transcriptional profiling to decipher the function and topology of microbial signaling networks, and mathematical modeling to test our experimentally-derived network topologies.
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