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Dwight Stoll

Gustavus Adolphus College
Multi-dimensional Chromatography - New Angles on a 'Mature' Technique, and Applications in Environmental Analysis and Medicine
Multi-dimensional chromatography is an exciting, growing area of separation science which promises improve the performance of separations, in shorter analysis times, and possibly at lower cost. My interest in this area was motivated by the need for better analytical tools in the areas of proteomics and metabolomics, where a comprehensive characterization of the contituents of complex samples (i.e., blood, urine) is the primary goal. We have made considerable progress in improving the speed of comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography separations such that these separations are now routinely carried out on the 30-minute timescale (as opposed to tens of hours per analysis). We are now most interested in applying the lessons learned in this early work to a different mode of multi-dimensional separation referred to as 'heartcutting', which is better suited to targeted analysis of one or more analytes in a complex matrix. Specifically, we are working toward the analysis of triclosan in surface waters, and desmosine in urine, as model analytical problems in environmental chemistry and medicine.
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