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February 3, 2009

Vol. 3 No.3

snowflake Snowflakes are falling frequently here in Holland and the shovelers are busy! It's winter! I hope your campuses are full of energy and warmth as we make our way toward spring! Enjoy the winter weather and the growing length of days! Please take a few minutes to look through this e-newsletter with the latest Consortium news.

Summer Research Opportuntity for Students at Wash U

C-SURE fellowships in Cognitive, Computational and Systems Neuroscience (CCSN)

Undergraduate students from Consortium campuses are invited to apply for summer research fellowships at Washington University. If selected students will conduct research with an undergraduate from Wash U under the mentorship of a faculty member affiliated with the Cognitive, Computational and Systems Neuroscience (CCSN) pathway.

Stipends, housing arrangements and travel allowances are all included in this unique summer research opportunity. Please see the flyer for much more information.

Application instructions and materials can be found at The deadline for applications is March 5, 2009. Fellows will be announced in early April. Questions about the program or about applying can be addressed to Professor Jeffrey Zacks, 314-935-8454.

2009 Open House Scheduled at Washington University in St. Louis, Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences

All prospective Biomedical graduate students are invited to attend an open house on Saturday, April 18, 2009 at Washington University. For more information go to WashU_visit_day. Register online at
The Biomedical Sciences Open House is free to all prospective graduate students who wish to attend and lunch will be provided however, please note, that travel expenses and lodging are the responsibility of the open house attendee.

Any questions should be directed to Jennifer Lawler Brown.

Janet Andersen Award Lecture Nominations

In 2008 the Consortium decided to honor Janet Andersen by creating an Award lecture in her honor. At this past fall’s Undergraduate Research Symposia, Jeff Wilkerson, a physicist from Luther College and David Hall, a biochemist from Lawrence University gave the first two Janet Andersen Award Lectures.

We are seeking nominations for the 2009 Janet Andersen Award Lectures. We encourage nominations for faculty members of any rank who have vigorous research programs involving undergraduates, who are exceptional mentors for undergraduate research students, or who create interdisciplinary research opportunities for undergraduate students.

The Consortium will accept nominations for the 2009 award until Monday, April 20. The award recipient will be selected at this spring's Executive Committee Meeting on Saturday, April 25, and will be notified soon afterwards.

Please send a letter of nomination with relevant details about the faculty member and a recent CV of the nominee via email to Karen Nordell Pearson by April 20, 2009., phone: 616-395-7217.

Executive Committee Meeting

The Midstates Consortium's Executive Committee will be meeting Saturday April 25, 2009 at the O'Hare Marriott. If you have any questions or ideas please talk to your campus rep.

New Faculty Workshop - July 17-19, 2009

Early Career Strategic Planning: Tools for Success

This summer's New Faculty Workshop will be held at Björklunden, Lawrence's 'northern' campus in Door County, Wisconsin on the weekend of July 17-19th. Björklunden, pronounced "Bee-york-lun-den", meaning birch forest by the water, is a large property with a gorgeous lodge on the shores of Lake Michigan. For more information about Björklunden, visit

More details about the workshop can be found on our website. Online registration will begin in early May and will continue through the end of June. Graduate students and postdocs interested in teaching at liberal arts colleges, newly hired tenure-track or term appointment faculty, and faculty just completing their first or second years are encouraged to participate.

As you complete searches for new colleagues, please make them aware of this opportunity. Participants from the last several summer workshops found the weekend valuable and fun!


Got ideas?

The ideas for Consortium meetings, workshops and other programs come from faculty, staff and even students on our campuses. Yes, once in a while as Director, I promote a particular meeting or workshop. But more often the ideas come from all of you! So...if you'd like to host or attend a meeting on a particular topic, please contact me and Marlene and I will help you make that idea a reality! It's actually not as much work as you might think, and the connections you make, might be very valuable to you, your colleagues and your students.


Visits supported by the MCMS Speaker Series, Speaker Consultant Exchange or Short Term Consultation Programs

Winter 2008- 2009

Reminder: you can apply for these funds to support visits during the 2008-09 academic year!



Speaker Series

On January 30, Brandy from the Chemistry Department at Gustavus Adolphus visited Hope College to present the seminar “Folding, Metal Site Assembly, and Metal Binding Specificity in Metalloproteins”.

Short Term Consultations

Drs. Keith Kuwata and Brent Krueger from the Chemistry Departments of Macalester and Hope Colleges met twice during the fall and winter of 2008 to complete a proposal to the NSF-MRI program to support the purchase of a new computer system for the Midwest Undergraduate Computational Chemistry Consortium (MU3C).

Comments from the Director

Friends and Colleagues,

Another semester or term is underway and things are as usual - very busy! We are excited about the opportunities for students to do research at Washington University in the CCSN program. Please encourage your students to apply for these 5 positions. Please also advertise the New Faculty Workshop to the new hires on your campuses. And if you're new, please join us for what we hope will be a refreshing and enjoyable weekend in Door County, WI.

I am working with faculty on several campuses to host upcoming workshops on topics including using X-ray difraction in research and teaching and campus sustainability. If you are interested in helping to plan either of these meetings, or know people on your campuses with passions in either of these areas, please contact me.

As always, if you’ve got ideas for how we can strengthen the MCMS, please give me a call at 616-395-7217 or send an email to

Enjoy the winter! Karen Nordell Pearson


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